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Tiê side tables: handcrafted ceramics applied to product design

Exploring the plasticity of clay, we created Tiê side tables, which present rounded and voluminous shapes constructed by hand.

With bases in ceramics and aluminum plate tops, Tiê are two side tables with different dimensions that complement each other to form a set. At first, designed for outdoor areas and with unusual dimensions for artisanal ceramics, they combine craftsmanship with industrial production. The bases are produced in Asadesign Studio's own atelier, Lampejo, which is located in the same building as the Studio, and are available in terracotta or enameled finishings, both from high-temperature firing (1240ºC). 

Tiê received the Museu da Casa Brasileira Award in 2022 (MCB), a traditional and relevant design award in Brazil. 


Manacá wins the iF 2024! (Video)

Originality, lightness, structural rigidity.
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