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Asadesign Studio was founded in 2000 by Daniela Ferro and Alexandre Rocha. At the Curitiba, Brazil studio, both coordinate a team of talented professionals with a keen eye for trends and a taste for new challenges. 

Joining the partners, the Studio team is formed by the designers Bruna Lazaroto, Guilherme Correa, Patricia Kojima, Priscila Schmitt, Milena Miranda, Mariana Pelim and Yasmine Rodrigues.

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Our approach


We have more than twenty years of experience in furniture design. Since the beginning, our main target has been designing beautiful and commercially successful products. We base our approach on understanding the vision and strategic positioning of each brand, for the complete technical and commercial viability of each new item.


The way we work - project stages

Stage 1: briefing - we stipulate design guidelines by carrying out trend researches and evaluating the manufacturing potential  and strategic positioning of the brand.

Stage 2: pre-project - we develop design alternatives, and present a pre-project with static and dynamic 3D images, pointing out constructive solutions, colors, and finishes.


Stage 3: technical drawings - after approval of the pre-project, we prepare 2D technical drawings in AutoCAD and 3D modeling files. The specifications are complete and rigorous.

Stage 4: technical support for prototyping - our team remains available to carry on any constructive adaptations necessary for optimizing the prototypes and the serial production of the designed items.

Stage 5: promotional support - we provide press releases describing the concepts behind the design and help conceive the art direction of promotional photos.

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